Wonderland Park

A Neighborhood Story


Wonderland Park is a residential street in the Hollywood Hills. It is one of Los Angeles most iconic streets. Conceived and built in the 1950’s it is serene and bucolic with some of Los Angeles most unique mid-century architecture. It has been (and still is) home to some of the city’s most interesting and influential characters.

This film chronicles the history of this community through the stories of many current and former residents telling us of life there from the 1950s onward; a period of great change. Through this series of interviews mixed with archival footage we see the history of the street through the eyes of the people that lived there.

The film looks at the Architectural and Social significance of the original cooperative concept and how that has changed over time and its relevance in today’s world. We look at the progressive politics of the area including the racial, religious and sexual inclusiveness of the cooperative model it was founded upon. We speak to social commentators, architectural experts and historians. 

The film will be made by Photographer and resident of the street David Ash who has worked for numerous international publications including the Financial Times and Bazaar and shown his work at The Photographers Gallery London, The Association Gallery London. His work is in the collection of  the National Portrait Gallery of Great Britain. 

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